Caring for the Carer

We recognise that caring for a loved-one with a serious illness can be a lonely, exhausting and emotional experience. Not only does the daily routine change for the patient as hospital commitments become a priority, but many changes occur for the carer as well.  Both patients and carers may experience overwhelming feelings of loss including physical, emotional and financial.

The Leukaemia Foundation runs the Caring for the Carer programa four week program specifically designed to provide meaningful information to carers as they travel on the roller coaster ride of diagnosis, treatment and beyond with their patient. With a combination of helpful information, support and pampering, the carer’s program provides a special space where carers can feel nurtured, be able to freely express their frustration and share their experience and feelings in a non threatening environment, with a group of people who are travelling a similar path.

No two journeys are ever the same, but having the opportunity to share experiences can sometimes lessen the burden and clarify what is happening for the individual. Topics covered in the program include:

  • the role of the carer
  • types of communication
  • carer burnout
  • strategies for coping in the longer term.

The group is facilitated by two Leukaemia Foundation Support Services Coordinators, who are also available for one-on-one support for individuals if required.  For more information regarding the program, please phone 07 3055 8233.

Dates for upcoming Caring for the Carer programs are available in our calendar. You can also get the full details on all of our

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