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BLOOD CANCER NEWS ED3 2016 1Blood Cancer News is a magazine for everyone and anyone affected by a blood cancer or related disorder, welcoming them into a strong community that is determined to beat blood cancers with love, sweat and tears.

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Inside you’ll find news and information about blood cancers or related disorders, including amyloidosis, aplastic anaemia, MDS, MPN, myeloma, leukaemia and lymphoma

It features stories from those who have dealt with blood cancers and disorders first hand as well as research news and practical assistance and advice.

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Discover more about a simple new blood test that will help doctors better monitor  those with blood cancer. The world-first “liquid biopsy”, partly funded by the Leukaemia Foundation, promises to be less invasive and more precise

We also have all of the latest breakthrough blood cancer research and clinical trial news; lots of real-life stories from Australians diagnosed with a wide range of blood cancers and related blood disorders; information about the different challenges Generation Y face after a diagnosis; and a helpful Q&A about repeated blood transfusions and iron overload.

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