Doorknock FAQs

I didn’t get my collector’s badge in my kit?

Your collector’s badge is the perforated part on the bottom half of the front cover of the receipt book. Pull that off the receipt book cover and attach it with a safety pin.

What does ‘Lowest No to 15′ mean?

Collect from all numbers from 1 to 15, both odd and even.

What does ’16 to Highest No’ mean?

Collect from all numbers from 16 to end of street, both odd and even.

What if someone gives me a credit card donation?

We will process credit card donation(s) when you send your receipt book back after the collection. It’s important you record all credit card details on the handwritten receipts at the back of the receipt book.

Do I have to write the donor’s full address on the handwritten receipts?

If someone is making a cash donation you don’t have to record their address but please include the date, the donor’s name, and donation amount. If you’re taking a credit card donation, please ensure you record the donor’s full address.

Can I take the receipt book to work to collect donations and/or collect from my family and friends?

Absolutely! We encourage you to collect as many donations as you can but please don’t collect door-to-door outside of your collection area.

There are some businesses and industries in my collection area, should I go in and ask for donations?

Providing you feel comfortable and the street numbers are in your collection area, you’re more than welcome to collect from them.

Can I collect in more streets than I was allocated?

Please contact us on 1800 152 211 and we will check if the street(s) you have in mind are available.

I haven’t registered for Doorknock, can I still participate?

Please contact us on 1800 152 211 and we will check if the street(s) you have in mind are available.

What do I do if people are out or do not answer the door?

Leave one of the cards enclosed in your Doorknock kit in their letterbox for them to send us a donation directly. We will let you know if a household donates in this way.

What do I do if a house has a ‘Do Not Knock’ notice?

The ‘Do Not Knock’ sticker only applies to salespeople and does not apply to charities seeking donations. However, if you feel uncomfortable then simply leave a card in the letterbox.

What do I do with the money that I collect?

  1. Bank at any National Australia Bank (NAB) branch using the deposit slip inside your receipt book. It contains your unique agent number which will show up on our bank statement.
  2. BPay by phone or using the Biller code 69062 and your reference code on the first pink page in your receipt book.
    ** Please do not use the Bpay Biller code that is in your receipt book. This is incorrect. Please use Biller  code: 69062.
  3. Create a cheque or money order for the amount you have raised. Make it payable to the Leukaemia Foundation and include it when you send your receipt book back to us after the collection.
  4. Provide your credit card details on the first pink page of the receipt book and we’ll process your payment when you return your receipt book.

Please do not send cash through the mail.

The first pink page in your receipt book gives you all the options for banking the life-saving donations you have collected.

I have already returned my receipt book, how do I bank my money?

Don’t worry – help is at hand! Please contact us on 1800 152 211 and we’ll guide you through the banking process.

What do I do with my kit if I can’t do the collection?

Please return the paperwork to us – especially the receipt book and collection bag – using the Reply Paid envelope in the kit. We need the receipt book back for ATO auditing purposes and we recycle unused bags.

I have lost/can’t find my kit/receipt book, what should I do?

Please contact us as soon as possible and we will send you a Statutory Declaration to complete. Your receipt book is an official auditable document and so we need to account for its use.


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