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Donations from individuals, our corporate partners and community groups make a real difference to people’s lives.

Your donation will help to improve quality of life for those blood cancers, by funding research and free services to support them and their families.

We supported little Lizzie and her family, pictured above, with free accommodation and support. READ LIZZIE’S STORY »

If you can’t make a donation today, there are other ways you can help beat blood cancers.

» Make a general donation

Your support helps Australian families facing blood cancers.

» Leave a gift in your Will

Whether it is because you have had a personal connection with the Leukaemia Foundation or you simply appreciate the services provided for those in need, your support is vital.

» In Memoriam

Making an In Memoriam donation is a lasting way to honour the memory of a loved one.

» In Celebration

Making an In Celebration donation is a unique way to celebrate someone special in your life.

» Giving at Work

Donating regularly through Giving at Work will directly help those affected by blood cancer. You will help to provide information, accommodation, emotional support, financial assistance, and help us continue our commitment to one day beating blood cancers through world-class research. 

You are able to make regular donations as a tax effective payroll deduction.

Privacy notice: Your personal information is collected to enable us to provide you with a receipt for donations and Leukaemia Foundation news. You can request to have your details removed at any time by phoning 1800 620 420. To read more about how the Leukaemia Foundation uses your information and our full privacy policy visit











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